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Why we do what we do

At PRC we strive to grow our love of competitive and recreational running by bringing people together from all walks of life and of all ages. Our hope is to provide a team oriented, enthusiastic atmosphere to grow our local running community of kids and adults. Our goal is to learn, and grow, through our shared experience, and to leave no runner behind!

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Who we are

We started Pirate Run Club because we saw a need to better reach the younger community to grow the local running community. Formerly known as Indiana Elite, we rebranded as PRC to further reach kids specifically in Greater Clark Schools (though we have, and invite, kids from all school systems to run with us). While winning is always fun, we strive to instill determination and humility in all of our kids to help them further grow in their personal lives. There's a reason our sport is other sports punishment. Running instills too many intangibles to list, but they are life long lessons and character traits that helps anyone dedicated to the sport succeed in any facet of life in their future.

Meet The Team


Jerry Doyle


Kie Sutherland


Lennea Coombs


Lindsey Gregory

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