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All About Kie

Hi! I’m Coach Kie (like pie but with a K). I joined the running club a few years ago and haven’t looked back. I currently help with the behind the scenes boring stuff but also coach at all the practices!


I started running in 8th grade though didn’t do cross country until my freshman year of high school where I really fell in love with the sport. I eventually graduated and ran in college, since then I’ve completed over a dozen half marathons and currently am the xc coach at Charlestown Middle School (currently known as the honey bun bandits). 


Running was an escape for me as a kid and helped me grow tremendously as a person. Along the way I had some amazing coaches so my hope is to be able to help even just one kid as much as my prior coaches helped me because I know firsthand the benefits a good coach can make. 


You’ll often see my family (wife: Amanda (and also Jerry’s daughter), and daughters: Amelia and Lucy) at practices and meets running around because our spouses and families are just as involved in the club as us coaches are. The best thing to come out of all of this is to see how much Amelia loves running and hearing her say she wants to be a runner like her dad and Pops (Jerry).


A couple fun random facts:


-I love donuts… like an unhealthy obsession with them. 


-For atleast 10+ years if you ever drove past me while driving you probably saw me practicing how to wink and whistle (it’s ok I’m an insurance agent and was safe lol). You’ll be proud to know I’ve finally mastered how to wink with atleast one eye, whistling still eludes me despite my consistent efforts 


-Breakfast is the best meal of the day and even better when it’s not the first meal 

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