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All About Lennea

Hello, I’m Lennea (pronounced Luh-nay-uh) but don’t feel bad if you butcher the pronunciation, I’ve gotten used to that in my life and don’t mind it. I’m also known as Kate and Caroline’s mom which I’ll gladly answer to. I became involved with Pirate Run Club a few years ago when our oldest daughter Kate fell in love with running and now help with behind the scenes stuff like race registration and USATF logistics. 


I played volleyball from 3rd grade through my senior year at New Albany High School. I was that athlete who always viewed running as punishment. It wasn’t until later in life I realized it wasn’t so bad. Prior to having kids I completed the Louisville Triple Crown and the Derby mini marathon but then life got in the way. I didn’t start running again until last year when Kate convinced me to join her in the Charlestown Triple Crown races. I completed them all and surprised myself that I was a better runner than I thought (especially for my age). I’ve come to actually enjoy going on runs though town. You’ll probably see our family (husband Derek and daughters Kate and Caroline) walking or riding our bikes through the streets and sidewalks of Charlestown. We live right in town and love our location! 


A couple of random facts:


-I am an avid sports fan with my favorites being college basketball and NFL football. During the respective seasons you will find me cheering on the Hoosiers, my college alma mater Butler and the Indianapolis Colts.

- I have a massive sweet tooth and love all things cake, candy and chocolate. My kryptonite though is ice cream and I’d eat it everyday if I could. 

-In the summer I love the smell of honeysuckle and point it out anytime we drive by 

- I am a Physician Assistant at Norton Cancer Institute and have worked in oncology for 18 years. Although difficult at times, I love what I do! 

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