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All About Lindsey

Hi, I’m Lindsey (though most of the team knows me as "Kaia's Mom") and I’m the team photographer/team mom. I first became involved with the run club a few years ago when my oldest daughter, Kaia, joined. From then on I took a lot of pictures of the kids during races/practices and of course brought snacks and drinks for everybody to enjoy. In my spare time I enjoy running 5Ks, hiking, kayaking, bird watching, nature photography, and running after my 3 very busy children and 3 dogs.


After being a stay at home mom for 7 years I finally decided last year to rejoin the workforce! I now work at Pleasant Ridge Elementary in a special needs classroom and it is absolutely where my heart and soul belong! 


I enjoy watching a good basketball game (Go Cards!) or football game (Go Colts!) And especially enjoy cheering Kaia on at cross country meets and my son Jaxon on at little league games!


Some fun facts:

-I have a very child-like love of all things dinosaur! 

-I can be quite crafty and have made the run club's Halloween run costumes the past 2 years.

-I don't shy away from the weather when taking photos of the team! If the kids are running in it, you'll find me right out there in it with them to capture those photos! Heat, pouring rain, hurricane force winds, frigid temps and snow...I've been out in it right along with your kids and I love every second!

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